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Wynn Las Vegas Wins 2011 Lighting Control Innovation Award Of Merit

The Lighting Control Innovation Award was created in 2011 as part of the Illuminating Engineering Society’s Illumination Awards program, which recognizes professionalism, ingenuity and originality in lighting design. LCA is proud to sponsor the Lighting Control Innovation Award, which recognizes projects that exemplify the effective use of lighting controls in nonresidential applications. In this award’s first year, eight projects were recognized with an Award of Merit, with one further recognized with a Special Citation Award.

This month, we will explore the role that sophisticated lighting controls play in typical rooms and suites at the Wynn Las Vegas resort and casino, which won an Award of Merit. Lighting design by Wynn Design and Development. Photography by Bradley A. Bouch. Control manufacturers/products: Evolve Controls.

This multi-million dollar resort hotel renovation upgrades finishes, furniture, amenities and the environmental control systems in all 2700 guest rooms and suites.

Requested by Hotel Operations, the lighting and HVAC systems in each room were upgraded from manual lighting and HVAC controls to an integrated guestroom control system operating all architectural and decorative lighting, room temperature, window coverings, doorbell and room service options. Requested by the Interior Design team, the control devices were manufactured in custom colors. The amber LEDs backlighting the control station buttons were customized to meet hotel standards. The control system turns on the lights, opens the drapes and sets the temperature when guests first enter the room.

This cost effective, wireless, environmental control system required no changes to the existing room electrical wiring. Guests now have total control of the room environment from tabletop, bedside and wall mounted control stations. Allowing guests to control their lighting, temperature and service needs from several locations within the room enhances the luxury atmosphere of this resort hotel. In exiting surveys, guests identify the new control system as the most significant upgrade to the guest experience

When guests are relaxing, the lighting controls provide three levels of lighting intensity. Shown above is lighting set at “High” in the living room.

Shown above is the medium light level.

Shown above is the bedroom and bathroom lighting at “High.”

Shown above is the bedroom and bathroom lighting at “Low.”

Control matrix showing system functionality. All wall stations control
lighting and/or drapery. The tabletop station controls lighting, temperature and service functions.

Tabletop controller showing various functions available to the guest.

Adding contemporary environmental control capabilities to these guestrooms, this state of the art system allows for energy conservation by adjusting seasonal temperatures, controls heat gain by closing draperies and turning out lights when rooms are unoccupied. The system sheds 20% of the room load and saves $564,000.00 in yearly operational costs.

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