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WattStopper Digital Lighting Management Accelerates Completion of iPrep Academy

WattStopper’s Digital Lighting Management and technical lighting control expertise facilitated completion of Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ new iPrep Academy within tight timeframes. The fast track remodeling project challenged the design and construction teams, as the work had to be completed in just three months.

When Miami-Dade County Public Schools set out to create an engaging, high tech learning environment for its new iPrep Academy, the project team selected Digital Lighting Management (DLM) controls, including dimming devices, personal controls and occupancy sensors. The controls enhance the remodeled Miami school, updated with colorful open spaces incorporating digital teaching tools, while also meeting the requirements of the ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2007 energy code.

Head Electrician Guillermo Lugo was delighted to discover how easy it was to connect the DLM products. “The wiring is extremely simple, and Plug n’ Go automatic configuration is a real time saver.” Lugo had the controls installed and operational just two weeks after they were specified.

A variety of Digital Lighting Management room controllers and occupancy sensors were selected to switch and dim the lighting, including the LED luminaires, in classrooms, offices, restrooms and the school’s iCafé lounge. For traditional classrooms, an open classroom environment and the lounge, dimming room controllers were utilized along with wall mount dimming switches and several handheld scene remotes. The personal controls allow students and teachers to easily adjust the lighting levels for different activities, including working on computers and viewing other high tech displays. In the rooms with wall mount switches, DLM self-configures for manual-on control, meaning that occupants switch lights on only when they are needed. This sequence of operation saves the most energy.

iPrep Academy is an optional program for the district’s top 11th grade students, who must interview in order to gain acceptance. Students are challenged by a rigorous curriculum including honors and advanced placement courses. Instruction focuses on leadership and problem-solving skills, and the program offers internships with local corporations and government offices. The project team included Capital Task Force Coordinator Roger Ball, Fletcher Vanyo of Fox-Rowden-McBrayer, and Head Electrician Guillermo Lugo.

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