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SUNY at Buffalo (UB Alumni Arena) Wins IES Lighting Control Innovation Award Of Merit

The Lighting Control Innovation Award was created in 2011 as part of the Illuminating Engineering Society’s Illumination Awards program, which recognizes professionalism, ingenuity and originality in lighting design. LCA is proud to sponsor the Lighting Control Innovation Award, which recognizes projects that exemplify the effective use of lighting controls in nonresidential applications. In the award’s second year (2012), 13 projects were recognized with an Award of Merit.

This month, we will explore the lighting control scheme for the UB Alumni Arena at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo. Lighting control design by Paul D. Mercier, LC, IALD, Kimberly R. Mercier, PE, LEED-AP, both lighting designers with Lighting Design Innovations; and Peter T. vom Scheidt, PE, LC, lighting designer with Wendel. Photography by Robert Maxwell, Paul Hokanson and Paul Mercier. Lighting control manufacturer: Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC).

Existing arena lighting was insufficient? control was ON/OFF and “all ON” use was the norm in the facility that is open 18 hours daily. Furthermore, events required a separate control system. The designers were challenged to integrate controls into a single system, customize lighting solutions for multiple users, and save energy and maintenance costs. The lighting solution met all objectives on budget.

Intramural usage employs dual-lamp 310W 92 CRI ceramic metal halide highbays. Energy consumption is 35% less than existing. Lamps are dimmable and allow light levels from 50% to 100% with consistent uniformity.

Architectural, emergency, and theatrical control are integrated creating a single user interface for all lighting. Users access preset scenes through touchscreen panels and keypad stations. Password protected access limits control to assigned clearances.

NCAA metrics are met by 1000W metal halide sportslighters that replaced existing 1500W luminaires. Controlling light to the Basketball/Volleyball court and maintaining darker surroundings improves visual clarity.

Wrestling is more compact. The Wrestling scene utilizes 40% fewer luminaires than Basketball/Volleyball, creating intimacy in the large venue. Existing sportslighters required lamp changes every 6 months. New controls limit use to NCAA events? the time of use savings increases lamp life to 6 years.

NCAA, HD Broadcast, and IESNA requirements for uniformity, horizontal and vertical footcandle values are achieved.

Theatrical queuing over distributed Ethernet/DMX control. Luminaires are multifunction? LED “starfield” downlights and T5HO track luminaires are also utilized for egress.

DMX and zoned control for pushbutton functionality result in more effective lighting at a fraction of the previous O&M costs.

512 channels of DMX control theatrical and moving lights for distinguished speakers? eliminating the need for additional rental lighting for broadcasted events.

Multiuse functionality through control of the lighting systems has resulted in extreme energy savings and O&M reductions. The side effect? The home teams are winning.

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