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New York Power Authority Demonstrates Energy-Saving Lighting Technology with Universal’s AddressPro Digital Dimming

New York Power Authority Demonstrates Energy-Saving Lighting Technology with Universal's AddressPro Digital DimmingAs part of its mission to promote energy efficiency and innovation for the benefit of its customers, the New York Power Authority (NYPA) gives special emphasis to demonstrating new energy-saving technologies. Along these lines, NYPA installed AddressPro® Digital Dimming—an advanced lighting-control technology—from Universal Lighting in several areas of its main administrative office building in White Plains. This was done as part of the wide-ranging measures NYPA has undertaken in recent years to augment the seventeen-story building’s energy efficiency for lowering electric bills and reducing carbon emissions.

Through this demonstration, NYPA wanted to show its customers real-life applications of this cost-effective solution, achieved through AddressPro or a similar technology of their choice, for reducing energy consumption in specific conference rooms and offices.

The demonstration began in May 2005 and was expanded in November 2006, with the installation each time completed within three days. It included conference rooms with different configurations and several offices on two floors of NYPA’s building. Along with the dimming ballasts and controls, occupancy sensors were used in all areas to ensure the lights would automatically switch off when a room was not in use.

The AddressPro system installed in the conference rooms was programmed with four customized settings: full brightness, 75-percent brightness, dimmed in the front of the room for projected images and presentations, and dimmed along the perimeter of the room for general use. A remote control is used to switch between these settings.

Each office with AddressPro lighting also has four settings, called scenes, operated via a remote control. These scenes include full brightness, 75-percent brightness, and two variable settings according to the occupant’s needs. The 75-percent setting is designed for use during daylight hours to offer even greater energy savings.

Although the remote control in each office offers only four scenes, the wall-mounted control unit allows up to twelve. Some NYPA offices have up to seven programmed settings, while others use the full twelve. Occupants can also program new scenes to meet their individual office needs.

NYPA estimates energy savings from its AddressPro systems with dimming alone to reduce power consumption by 20 percent, and the occupancy sensors are expected to reduce electrical use by an additional 20 percent on top of that.

NYPA is currently planning to install AddressPro in additional offices and conference rooms to further enhance the energy efficiency of its White Plains office building, as it serves as a model in programmable lighting control and efficiency.

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