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Leviton’s LevNet RF Product Line Reduces Energy Usage by at Least 30% in VA Hospital

Managers of a Veterans Affairs Hospital in Dayton, Ohio recently searched for a solution to provide increased comfort and satisfaction for patients. The objective was to provide veterans lighting controls that were easy-to-reach. In addition, the VA Hospital had very strict requirements for the devices installed in the hospital.

The Challenge

* RF Interference: The VA Hospital is very particular about the devices installed in the hospital. The wireless controls were required to not interfere with the wireless devices already installed in the medical center
* Easy Plug-in Installation: Easy installation and zero-maintenance were major requirements [The installation needed to be fast and it was not acceptable to rely on battery replacements over time.].
* Flexible Solution & Patient Satisfaction: The hospital required the solution to be extremely flexible, allowing patients to be able to move the lighting switches according to preference.

The Solution

After searching through various solutions and methods, the hospital chose Leviton’s EnOcean-based energy harvesting wireless lighting controls. EnOcean solutions are extremely reliable, easy-to-use and flexible. The controls operate using uncongested radio frequencies–meeting all criteria imposed by the hospital.

The Results

Factoring electricity rates, occupancy history and installation costs; the hospital saw instant return on investment. Installation costs were lowered by at least 30% due to the fact that all controls were either a wireless or simple plug-in and forget solution. In addition, no one can attest to the joy, these switches gave to the patients of the hospital. Being able to move the switches to patient preference provided immense satisfaction to patients and employee’s alike, achieving the ultimate goal.

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