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Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront Wins IES Lighting Control Innovation Award Of Merit

The Lighting Control Innovation Award was created in 2011 as part of the Illuminating Engineering Society’s Illumination Awards program, which recognizes professionalism, ingenuity and originality in lighting design. LCA is proud to sponsor the Lighting Control Innovation Award, which recognizes projects that exemplify the effective use of lighting controls in nonresidential applications. In the award’s second year (2012), 13 projects were recognized with an Award of Merit.

This month, we will explore the role that advanced lighting controls, including wireless solutions, play at the Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront. Lighting design by Jackie Hui, Stanford Hotels Corporation. Photography by Jackie Hui and Doug Salin. Lighting manufacturers/products included:

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.: GRAFIK Eye QS System, seeTouch QS Controllers, GRAFIK Systems Infrared Transmitter/Receiver and Partition Sensors, Radio Powr Savr Wireless Occupancy Sensors, Maestro Wireless Dimmers

Philips Color Kinetics: ColorGraze Powercore Narrow Beam, iPlayer3 Controller, Controller Keypad

Philips Selecon: Display Profile ZoomSpot

Kurt Versen: K Series Low Voltage Directional Downlights

Worldwide Lighting: Custom Designed Chandelier by Jackie Hui, Custom Designed Sconces by Jackie Hui

H.E. Williams: DI Series Direct/Indirect Fluorescent Fixtures, 77 Series Specification Grade Strip Lights

Times Square Lighting: TS Series Specification Grade Light Track System

Philips Lighting: Halogen Energy Advantage IR PAR38, Halogen MR Energy Advantage IR, Halogena Decorative F10-1/2, Energy Advantage T8

The owner’s goal was to transform a 1980s hotel with a flexible lighting control system that is simple to operate and further achieve energy savings.

Lighting scenes are created by programming different layers of light to achieve proper balance between contrast, accent of decorative features, and highlight of focal areas. Built-in astronomical timeclock programmed with trigger points automatically activates different lighting scenes throughout the course of the day to accommodate various daylight conditions and adjusts to seasonal changes year round.

Light level of clear halogen lamps in custom designed chandeliers is programmed with high end limit at 90%.

Chandelier clusters are controlled by six independent lighting zones. Each crystal column wired with two lighting zones provides flexibility to create the proper focal point.

LED color-changing effect on featured wall is programmed with 12 presets to fill the space with kinetic energy for lively events or become a subtle color backdrop for corporate meetings or match any color to accent a bridal theme.

Lighting controls are automatically combined when infrared
sensors senses partition wall is open between ballroom sections. Lighting presets can be activated from any control location within the space with a flexibility of eighteen possible lighting zones.

Limited lighting zones and inefficient light sources in existing spaces are challenges to overcome. Recessed downlights and chandeliers are rewired and separated into multiple lighting zones. New Halogen IR lamps are dimmed to extend lamp life and maintenance cycle. Project came within budget and lighting load reduced by 60%.

Wireless vacancy sensors integrated with lighting control system turn lights off in meeting rooms when no motion is detected within a set time interval. Wireless occupancy sensors control lights in fitness center and public restrooms.

The Lighting Control Station offers fine tuning of light levels.

The Keypad offers a user-friendly front-end interface to activate preset scenes.

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