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WTDCL Time Controller Takes Universal’s DCL To New Level

Universal Lighting Technologies

DCL Control Systems are now even easier to use, thanks to the new WTDCL Time Controller from Universal Lighting Technologies. With this user-friendly device, all programming, including basic configuration of the DCL system, is achieved by front-panel keystrokes. No computer or special commissioning tools are required.

By communicating with DEMANDflex high-efficiency ballasts over existing power lines, DCL eliminates the need for expensive re-wiring in existing buildings, and it lowers the time and expense of new construction. And now, the WTDCL Time Controller adds a new dimension of flexibility and simplicity in programming.

With WTDCL, a weekly schedule provides on/off and dimming control based on time-of-day, while user programmed holidays and daylight savings time adjustments accommodate planned schedule deviations. Two manual override options can be accessed for user-defined needs. In addition, WTDCL can be used with line-voltage controls such as occupancy sensors and toggle switches.

The WTDCL is packaged in a NEMA 1 enclosure with an integral class 2 transformer. The only required connections are a 120VAC power source and a DCL load. This controller may also be purchased as a wall-mount kit requiring a user-supplied 24VAC Class 2 power source. Each WTDCL Time Controller operates four groups of DCL circuits using four presets. Day schedules are assigned by day of the week, plus up to 32 separate holiday dates.

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