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WattStopper’s New Control Six™ Online Interactive Tool Helps Identify “Best Fit” Energy-Efficient Lighting Control Solutions

WattStopper has launched Control Six Online, a new free online tool to help users pinpoint ideal lighting control solutions for the six types of spaces most commonly found in commercial buildings. This interactive selector offers two levels of performance, with unlimited access to a single room Quick Selector and login access to a Multi-Room Selector developed for professional users. Both versions prompt users to input information about each space in order to recommend appropriate products.

Control Six Online recommends lighting control solutions including wall switch and ceiling occupancy sensors, time switches and lighting control panels for the following areas:

• Offices
• Conference Rooms
• Restrooms
• Lunch/Break Rooms
• Utility/Storage Rooms
• Exteriors

The Quick Selector provides easy-to-use drop-down menus and pre-populated options to guide the user to a robust control solution. Once a single room solution is identified, users can download PDF documentation including project identification, selected options and model numbers and photos of products needed. Users exploring solutions for applications beyond the scope of Control Six receive specific guidance or recommendations about alternative control solutions or technical support.

The Multi-Room Selector allows users to identify solutions for entire projects and maintain a library of these projects. Rather than starting at the beginning for each room, users can duplicate rooms that are similar to each other and make necessary modifications. Once a project is complete, the user can download both a room-specific equipment schedule as well as a project bill of materials. Documentation is available as a PDF or an Excel file for quotation and estimation purposes.

Control Six Online may be accessed at It complements WattStopper’s popular Control Six brochure which is available for download from the company’s website.

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