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WattStopper Releases Powerful Driver Module to Niagara AX Integrators at No Cost

WattStopper announced the release of a time-saving Niagara AX driver module that streamlines integration when WattStopper Digital Lighting Management (DLM) controls are combined with Niagara controllers in high performance buildings. The driver automatically discovers all the DLM lighting controls on the BACnet network, and all the data points available for integration.

Originally developed for a WattStopper-specific JACE, the driver is compatible with other Niagara AX stations, and is now available for free download to integrators using a third party JACE. In addition to discovery, the driver adds product-specific icons to the objects tree, and gives integrators easy access to an astronomic scheduling feature. The astronomic control option facilitates schedules based on sunrise and sunset, and eliminates the need to access the data via an external source. The driver operates over both BACnet IP and BACnet MS/TP networks.

WattStopper products are based on open protocols to provide building owners and integrators with the greatest flexibility, and DLM controls provide an unprecedented number of points for integration. A wide variety of data is available from load state to daylighting control setpoints to lighting wattage for each room, and solutions include native BACnet and native Niagara integration. Niagara solutions provide access to the broadest selection of DLM points and control parameters.

Easy-to-install distributed DLM devices self-configure for energy code-compliant lighting control operation upon startup. Networking the controls enables advanced operation, including scheduling to modify occupancy sensor and load operation after hours to save more energy, and participation in demand response programs. Additional network capabilities include power monitoring of both lighting and plug load controllers, access to the occupancy sensor detection state for selected rooms, and remote configuration of parameters including sensitivity and time delay.

Click here to learn more.

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