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WattStopper Publishes New Digital Lighting Management Catalog

WattStopper has published a comprehensive catalog for its new Digital Lighting Management product line. Digital Lighting Management (DLM) is an all-digital suite of plug-together lighting controls that automatically configure to the most energy-efficient sequence of operation based on which system components are installed. The result is that DLM meets and exceeds energy code requirements, saves more energy than conventional controls, and provides an unprecedented return on investment for both new construction and retrofit projects.

The catalog offers an introduction to the DLM line as well as application guidance for several common building space types. The application section focuses on space types, such as private offices, that are found in nearly every type of non-residential facility and provides DLM solutions that scale from basic code compliance to beyond code energy performance. These applications illustrate how users can build incrementally on the initial DLM investment to boost both energy savings and return on investment (ROI). The product catalog also includes individual cut sheets for every DLM product, including room controllers, occupancy sensors, personal controls including digital wall switches and handheld remotes, daylighting sensors, configuration tools, and accessories. The catalog is available in both print and electronic editions.

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