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WattStopper Multi-way Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor Awarded 2011 BOM Top Product Honors

WattStopper recently announced that it has received a 2011 Building Operating Management Top Product Award for its unique PW-103N multi-way wall switch occupancy sensor with LED nightlight.

The sensor provides economical, code-compliant lighting control in a wide variety of applications. The factory default setting is for manual-on operation, to ensure that optimal energy efficiency is available. Lighting remains on as long as any one of the connected sensors detects occupancy. When the space is no longer occupied, lighting will automatically turn off following a time delay that begins when the last sensor ceases to detect occupancy. Lighting can be turned off manually from any of the sensors at any time. If automatic-on operation is preferred, sensors may be easily adjusted.

The integral LED nightlight is available in three field-selectable colors, white, blue, or amber, an industry first. The nightlight also features two levels of illuminance, a low level when no motion is detected, and a higher level upon first detection of motion pending activation of lighting via the default manual-on operation.

Up to four PW-103N sensors may be wired together to provide full control from any switch location for spaces such as conference rooms, break rooms and unusually shaped spaces. Installation is fast and simple, using traditional three- and four-way wiring. The passive infrared sensor provides 180° coverage and includes advanced features such as walk-through and test modes as well as adjustable time delay and sensitivity. It operates on 120/230/277 VAC and is available in five colors.

The Building Operating Management Top Products Awards are 100% reader-selected and recognize the most popular manufacturers and suppliers of the year, as determined by building and facility executives who participated in a national survey. Award winners are featured in the January 2011 issue.

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