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WattStopper Launches Multilevel Fixture-Integrated Outdoor Sensor

WattStopper has introduced the rugged FSP-211 Digital High/Low Passive Infrared Fixture-Integrated Outdoor Sensor to conveniently control lighting in areas such as parking facilities, gas stations, pedestrian pathways and warehouses.

The sensor, which was accepted into the prestigious 2011 IES Progress Report, mounts in a lighting fixture and provides motion-based multilevel control combined with optional hold off daylighting control. Its unique feature set provides the flexibility to quickly and easily customize control parameters for each project to ensure energy savings while also addressing security concerns. All parameters are adjustable via a wireless configuration tool capable of storing and transmitting multiple sensor profiles.

The sensor is specifically engineered for use in LED fixtures; it can withstand the high temperatures produced by LED lighting, and its relay will last for the life of the fixture. The FSP-211 also works with fluorescent lighting, including 0-10V dimmable ballasts. When installed in an outdoor fixture, it is IP66 rated, impervious to dust and powerful water jets. A choice of four lenses ensures complete coverage for mounting heights ranging from 8’ to 40’, making the sensor suitable for virtually any application.

The FSP-211 is the first fixture-integrated motion sensor to feature two fully adjustable lighting levels plus off. It delivers design levels for high and low modes, preventing over-lighting and maximizing energy efficiency. An integral photocell measures the ambient light level and can hold lighting off, or at low level, when there is sufficient daylight contribution. All adjustments are made with a wireless handheld infrared (IR) tool, and the hold off setpoint includes an automatic calibration option for added convenience. The wireless configuration tool can store and send up to five sensor profiles, including all parameters, to significantly speed project commissioning.

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