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WattStopper Introduces New Line of Wireless Occupancy Sensors

WattStopper has introduced a new line of wireless occupancy sensors. These radio frequency (RF) products make it easy and cost effective to install code-compliant controls in existing buildings, or wherever wired occupancy sensors aren’t the best fit. The product line includes dual relay controls not available from other manufacturers, as well as time-saving functionality.

The product line includes a passive infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor, powered by unobtrusive energy-harvesting photovoltaic panels, with a prime 360° coverage pattern. One or more sensors can be paired with a variety of single or dual relay 120/277 volt RF wall switches as well as self-powered handheld and wall mounted remotes, enabling wireless control from multiple locations. The RF switches are offered with or without neutrals for applications that must meet 2011 NEC requirements or compatibility with existing wiring. The switches are configured for out-of-the-box code compliance, emulating the convenient operation of WattStopper’s wired sensors.


WattStopper’s wireless RF controls are ideal for applications where traditional sensors are difficult, or even impossible to install, including historic buildings, buildings with asbestos in the plenum, or spaces with hard ceilings. Wireless solutions not only simplify installation, they save labor and materials, as no power pack or low voltage wiring are required. The wireless sensor is also packaged as a kit with a single or dual relay RF switch and these EnOcean-enabled products are factory paired for even faster installation.

The wireless sensor can accommodate a battery for low light applications, and includes magnetic and adhesive surface-mounting solutions. Similarly, the wireless remotes include a variety of mounting options for use on non-traditional surfaces including glass, giving designers more options to locate controls for occupant convenience. Versatile functionality includes the ability to select manual- or automatic-on operation for each RF switch or wireless remote control button, select time delays and pair any button with any load. The products mark WattStopper’s participation in the EnOcean Alliance, a consortium of technology innovators developing solutions based on the EnOcean energy-harvesting wireless standard.

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