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WattStopper Expands Lighting Control Toolbox to Better Manage Energy in High-Performance Buildings

wattstopperWattStopper has announced a new family of lighting control panels developed to support design professionals engineering net zero buildings. The panels allow designers to easily layer multiple control strategies and integrate seamlessly with other building systems to meet the newest energy code requirements and optimize energy management. To ensure reliability and longevity, these newly-designed panels are based on two proven WattStopper technologies: Digital Lighting Management (DLM) intelligent control and the company’s patented heavy duty relay.

The panels address the growing need to combine the flexibility of distributed controls with the scalability of centralized controls. Combining lighting control solutions tailored for each application helps meet the requirements of increasingly complex energy codes, and improves building performance.

In addition, the panels address the need for simple integration using open protocols. They integrate natively with building automation systems (BAS) and expose a wide range of DLM data points for building-wide energy monitoring. These extensive BACnet capabilities are the result of WattStopper’s decade of experience with the industry-standard protocol. For peak performance, integration can extend to the smart grid for region-wide energy management.

The new panels also offer stand alone operation for projects that require only scheduled or astronomical control. Click here to learn more.

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