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WattStopper Digital Lighting Management Snags 2011 BOM Top Product Award

WattStopper has announced that it has received a 2011 Building Operating Management Top Product Award for its innovative Digital Lighting Management (DLM) product line.

An all-digital suite of plug-together lighting controls, DLM automatically configures to the most energy efficient sequence of operation based on installed components. The result is that DLM meets and exceeds energy code requirements, saves more energy than conventional controls, and provides an unprecedented return on investment for both new construction and retrofit projects.

With DLM, each room or space in a building has its own control network where the installer simply connects room controllers, occupancy sensors, switches and photocells as needed. Plug n’ Go technology then recognizes what is connected and automatically configures the space to the most energy efficient operation. For instance, advanced controls strategies such as automatic-on of 50% of lighting with manual-on of the remaining 50% automatically configure when appropriate DLM components are connected. Other DLM innovations include LCD screens on occupancy sensors for ease of setup, as well as a handheld bidirectional configuration tool that provides ladder-free system setup or adjustment. Because DLM uses Cat 5e RJ45 cables to connect components, time-consuming installation activities, such as interpreting wiring diagrams, setting DIP switches, and terminating low voltage wires, are eliminated. This speeds up installation and eliminates the potential for wiring errors.

DLM also offers integration of plug load control, allowing building owners to further leverage code-compliant occupancy sensors and realize greater savings. Most recently, the company expanded the DLM offering with components that allow quick and easy networking of room-based controls and lighting control panels for centralized monitoring, control and programming.

The Building Operating Management Top Products Awards are 100% reader-selected and recognize the most popular manufacturers and suppliers of the year, as determined by building and facility executives who participated in a national survey. Award winners are featured in the January 2011 issue.

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