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Watt Stopper’s Miro® Redefines Residential Wiring Devices and Lighting Controls

Watt Stopper's Miro® Redefines Residential Wiring Devices and Lighting ControlsThe Watt Stopper introduces Miro®, an innovative line of architectural wiring devices and wireless RF lighting control products. Miro redefines both the form and functionality of electrical controls for discerning homeowners. More than ever, today’s homeowners demand elegance throughout their homes, from luxury floor coverings underfoot to dramatic lighting fixtures overhead. Miro answers that demand, and adds a new dimension—fingertip lighting control that’s convenient and easy to use.

Featuring the most distinctive design in a generation, Miro’s elegant simplicity evokes a classicism warmed by a contemporary flair. Completing the subtle curve of the device and joining the wall in a seamless flow, screwless wall plates in standard warm white or charcoal gray provide an exceptional statement in style that complements any décor. Users may also select handcrafted cast bronze wall plates available in a palette of exquisite patinas.

What truly sets Miro apart is the flawless, flexible control it provides any homeowner. Powered by fast and reliable 900MHz wireless communication technology, Wireless Miro offers an unprecedented array of control capabilities, all without requiring additional control wiring, central processor or power line carrier, or elaborate programming software or tools. Says Steven Dudek, president of eWired Solutions, Inc., a northern California specialty electrical contractor and CEDIA member, “My clients have been looking for this kind of control capability for years.” In addition to one-touch whole house ON/OFF, homeowners love whole house and room scene control, a “panic” function, “vacation” mode, and coordinated control of lamps and small appliances.

An RF Revolution
As an industry leader in lighting controls for twenty years, The Watt Stopper has been at the leading edge of control innovations, such as the first remote-controlled automatic daylight-dimming photosensor and the first dual technology occupancy sensor. “We wanted smarter devices,” says Jerry Mix, President of The Watt Stopper, “controls that would serve people in really useful ways everyday, but that wouldn’t be intimidating for the average person.” As a member of the Legrand family of companies, global leader in electrical wiring devices, The Watt
Stopper seized the opportunity to partner with some of the world’s best engineering and design minds. The investment in talent, market research, and field trials paid off. Topdog®, a fast, reliable, bidirectional communications protocol, brings the possibilities inherent in RF technology to life in Wireless Miro’s unique hierarchical control structure. Completely scalable, Wireless Miro requires no control wiring. It installs easily using standard wallboxes and existing electrical wiring. Products include switches, universal dimmers, fan controls, plug modules,
wall mount and handheld controllers, multilocation controllers, repeaters, and touch screen.

Form Follows Function
“The perfect complement to the functionality of Miro was an architectural styling,” Mix notes. “We looked at the elegance of the control solution and wanted to echo that in the look of the devices.” True to its heritage, The Watt Stopper decided to marry its own American technological sensibilities with the European design sensibilities of Legrand. Gad Shaanan Design, an award-winning Montreal design firm, took on the challenge. Renowned for its industrial and consumer designs, including the new San Diego trolley system and Kyocera’s sleek cellular phones, Gad Shaanan created a style that mirrors the convenience and clarity of Miro functionality. Responsive, discreet, spacious control surfaces emerge subtly from walls or countertops to provide a unique architectural detail.

To enhance the Miro style for the most discriminating homeowners, The Watt Stopper teamed with the craftsmen at Rocky Mountain Hardware, a small, family-owned business trained in the ancient art of cast bronze work. Their contribution was to create the Miro look in a palette of solid bronze wall plates, complete with a range of exquisite finishes. “These wall plates offer homeowners the opportunity to express their personal style down to the smallest decorative detail,” says John Taylor, Miro Product Manager at The Watt Stopper. “For the first time, they can coordinate electrical controls with other hardware elements throughout their homes to create a truly distinctive statement in style.” Miro architectural wiring devices encompass a complete offering of electrical devices, including switches, dimmers, fan controls, receptacles, and datacom devices.

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