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Watt Stopper/Legrand’s Lighting Integrator Offers Modular, Scalable Control

Watt Stopper/Legrand has unveiled its innovative, single-platform lighting control panel product, Lighting Integrator. With a modular architecture, Lighting Integrator supports a buildup of control capability built on a foundation of low voltage, relay-based control.

Control options include push-button programming and menu-driven automation via control modules, or fully automated, PC-based control via WinControl software. Lighting Integrator provides the basis for easy integration with other control devices, such as daylighting controls, occupancy sensors, and building automation systems. Additional capabilities include multi-phase lighting control via optional contactors, telephone override, multi-user browser access, and individual desktop control. Design and documentation tasks are automated via WinControl Designer.

Lighting Integrator offers lighting control for a wide variety of applications, such as commercial offices, manufacturing facilities, retail operations, educational institutions, airports, sports facilities, and large building campuses.

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