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Watt Stopper/Legrand’s LED Nightlight Vacancy Sensors Improve Comfort and Ensure Energy Savings

Watt Stopper's LED Nightlight Vacancy Sensors Improve Comfort and Ensure Energy SavingsSpecial residential vacancy sensors from Watt Stopper/Legrand include LED nightlights for added comfort, convenience and safety, as well as energy savings. These sensors offer many benefits to homeowners and are perfect for retrofits or new construction.

In homes, nightlights are popular in children’s bedrooms as well as in bathrooms. They serve to calm nighttime fears, preserve night vision and prevent stumbling in the dark. Having good nightlighting generally precludes the need to turn on overhead lighting during the night. But nightlights can be inconvenient to locate and use up scarce electrical outlets. Watt Stopper/Legrand’s RS vacancy sensors solve these problems by incorporating a super-bright LED nightlight into the design. This provides illumination from an appropriate location and frees up outlets for using or charging today’s many appliances and battery-operated devices.

Nightlight vacancy sensors replace standard light switches. They feature manual-on operation, so users turn the lights on when they are needed. In order to save energy, the sensors automatically turn the lights off if no occupancy is detected following a time delay. The delay is preset for 30 minutes – a good choice for bedroom and bathroom applications. Watt Stopper/Legrand’s attractive residential sensors are low profile with sturdy lenses that match the rest of the device. Dual relay models are available for individually switching two separate loads such as a light and a fan, or overhead lighting and vanity lighting.

In California, using vacancy sensors in new residential construction affords homeowners more options when selecting light sources. The state’s Title 24-2005 energy code waives the requirement for high efficacy sources in bathrooms and bedrooms if compliant sensors are installed; residents wishing to use incandescent vanity lighting may do so if they also employ vacancy sensors.

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