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Watt Stopper/Legrand’s Commercial Occupancy Sensors Break New Ground with Sleek Modern Design

Watt Stopper Commercial Occupancy Sensors Break New Ground with Sleek Modern DesignWatt Stopper/Legrand has developed lighting control solutions designed to enhance high-end, modern construction. The company’s newest commercial occupancy sensors incorporate sophisticated design details that make them aesthetically pleasing as well as easy to operate. At the same time, each elegant package is manufactured to withstand the rigors of commercial use; both the robust housing and the control electronics are engineered for longevity.

Watt Stopper/Legrand’s ceiling occupancy sensors sport a low profile design that virtually disappears into the ceiling tile to be as unobtrusive as possible. Wall switch occupancy sensors, featuring soft curves and an extremely low profile, are now offered in five colors, providing more options for designers than ever before. Unique color-matched sensor lenses blend flawlessly with the rest of the device, eliminating the broken up appearance of early generation controls. The new colored lenses, which are completely flush with the slim design, are small, sturdy and resistant to damage. Wall switches are available in White, Ivory, Light Almond, Grey and Black.

Designers choosing Watt Stopper sensors can be confident that the devices will enhance any décor. Whether they specify the color and placement to recede into the background or stand out for high visibility, these carefully crafted controls will adapt to their needs. Sensor nuances include sculpted control surfaces and tactile feedback to aid in operation. Building occupants will find them intuitive and user friendly as well as attractive and reliable.

Watt Stopper/Legrand occupancy sensors are available with passive infrared, ultrasonic or patented dual-technology sensing for optimum performance in a wide variety of applications. Sensors are available in line or low voltage with single or dual relays. They include options such as manual or automatic control and are pre-configured for quick and simple installation.

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