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Watt Stopper/Legrand’s Combination Dimmer/Vacancy Sensor Gives Homeowners More Energy-Saving Lighting Control Options

Watt Stopper/Legrand introduces the RD-200 Dimming Wall Switch Vacancy Sensor. By combining a preset dimmer and a sensor, this device helps homeowners enjoy the most pleasing light level for each activity and maximize energy savings. The RD-200, which is the newest addition to Watt Stopper/Legrand’s line of residential vacancy sensors, complies with California Title 24 requirements.

The RD-200 replaces a standard switch and users manually turn the lights on only when they are needed. Unique single-pushbutton control ensures ease of operation and longevity, eliminating fragile slide controls and removable knobs. When the lights are on, the dimming level may be adjusted manually; after the lights go off and are turned on again, the RD-200 restores the preset lighting level.

Dimming saves energy by using less power when lights are set to lower levels. But even at dimmed levels, if incandescent lights continue to burn when they are not needed, energy is wasted. Vacancy sensors end this waste by turning lights off when a space is unoccupied. The RD-200, by combining dimming and vacancy sensing, prevents waste when the space is vacant and minimizes power use when the space is occupied and the lights are on.

The slim RD-200 is available in four decorator colors with matching lenses – a unique feature that makes the product an attractive addition to the wall. Other features include an adjustable time delay and a backlit pushbutton for easy location in the dark. The device restores lighting if motion is sensed immediately after an automatic off. It is configured for manual-on operation, but may be set for auto-on mode if needed. In auto-on, an adjustable light level sensor is available to prevent lights from turning on if sufficient daylight is present.

California Title 24-2005 mandates that lighting in homes be high efficacy or be controlled by a manual-on vacancy sensor; a dimmer may be used in certain rooms. The dual-function RD-200 is a sensor solution acceptable for all areas.

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