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Watt Stopper/Legrand Room Controller Facilitates Sophisticated Lighting Control Making Green More Achievable

Watt Stopper Room Controller Facilitates Sophisticated Lighting Control Making Green More AchievableWatt Stopper/Legrand’s new LI-ARP can reduce the cost and complexity of lighting control projects that use layered control strategies to maximize energy savings. Previously, incorporating additional controls into a panel-based system meant long added wiring runs and wasted circuit capacity. The LI-ARP moves relays into the areas they control to eliminate these problems, providing a room control solution that is unique to Watt Stopper/Legrand. Now greener designs, including LEED-certified designs, are easier and more cost effective to implement.

Ideal for areas with small lighting control zones, the LI-ARP brings both power handling and intelligent control right where it’s needed. The pack provides two relay outputs to support bi-level switching and manual-on operation for maximum energy savings. It is also equipped to accept inputs from occupancy sensors and daylighting controls. By providing terminations for the loads as well as for the control inputs, the LI-ARP eliminates multiple runs of line voltage and control wiring back to a central panel location. Engineers can optimize the electrical system by feeding multiple relay packs from a single circuit breaker, fully loading each circuit.
The LI-ARP communicates with Watt Stopper/Legrand’s Lighting Integrator Complete Control System via a single data line, and works as a normal component of the scheduled relay panel system. It can be scheduled and monitored using powerful WinControl software along with lighting in larger areas controlled by centralized relay panels.

In its default mode, the LI-ARP is set for maximum energy savings, incorporating a manual-on/ automatic-off strategy at all times. However, designers or facility managers can customize the strategy as the LI-ARP supports different control scenarios for scheduled periods and after-hours operation. In areas with occupancy sensors, automatic-on might be appropriate for after-hours operation, offering convenience and security when someone arrives in the dark.

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