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Watt Stopper/Legrand Puts Daylight-Response Dimming Control in the Light Fixture for Accurate Sensing and Ease of Installation

Watt Stopper Puts Daylight-Response Dimming Control in the Light Fixture for Accurate Sensing and Ease of InstallationWatt Stopper/Legrand introduces the new fixture-mounted FD-301 dimming photosensor. Lighting fixture manufacturers can easily integrate the FD-301 during production so fixtures arrive at the jobsite with the control pre-wired, adding value and saving contractors’ time. Commissioning, too, is fast and simple. Once operational, the photosensor provides precise and reliable energy-saving control, dimming 0-10 VDC ballasts in response to available daylight. Integrating the device into the fixture also improves aesthetics, reducing the number of items on the ceiling.

Commissioning adjustments are made using an intuitive handheld remote control once construction is complete and furnishings are in place. There is no need for tools or ladders. Because the photosensor is mounted in the fixture and is close to the work plane, it senses illumination very accurately and little calibration is needed.

Drawing on years of experience developing daylighting controls, Watt Stopper/Legrand has carefully tuned the spectral response of the FD-301’s photodiode to match the photopic curve; the light perceived by the human eye. Limiting sensing to visible light prevents over-dimming or under-dimming. A sliding setpoint algorithm allows the photosensor to compensate for the disparate spatial distribution of daylight and electric light. By having two different setpoints for day and night, the target setpoint changes based on the current light level conditions. Together, these features result in a balanced contribution of electric light at all times that adjusts subtly and is comfortable for occupants.

In addition to saving energy, the FD-301 also achieves lumen maintenance by holding target lightlevels as lamp output decreases over time. An optional occupant remote control permits the automatic lighting level to be temporarily overridden, if needed, without changing the setpoints.

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