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Watt Stopper/Legrand Premieres Easy-to-Adjust LS-101 Daylighting Controller

Watt Stopper Premieres Easy-to-Adjust LS-101 Daylighting ControllerWatt Stopper/Legrand has created a unique, new daylighting controller in response to growing demands by building owners and managers who want practical, cost effective solutions to save energy and meet code requirements. The new LS-101 is a single zone controller designed to switch lights OFF and ON when light levels detected by the unit’s internal light sensor fall above or below factory- or user-defined setpoints. The LS-101 is the only stand-alone daylighting control device to feature a digital display making adjustment fast, easy and accurate.

The LS-101 controller needs only minimal adjustment at startup as factory set parameters are appropriate for many applications. During startup, the user can see the current light level displayed in footcandles and can establish ON and OFF setpoints. Other user-adjustable parameters include the OFF delay time and deadband range – settings that prevent rapid cycling of the controlled lights during brief and moderate fluctuations of daylighting levels. No tools are needed to adjust the LS-101. Depending on placement, the controller can function either as a closed-loop or an open-loop system, sensing either a combination of electric and daylight contribution or daylight only.

A cover hides the display and buttons during normal operation allowing the small (2.4” diameter) controller to blend discretely into the surroundings. The LS-101 Daylighting Controller is certified to meet California’s Title 24 requirements.

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