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Watt Stopper/Legrand Introduces New Family of Wall Switch Occupancy Sensors

Watt Stopper Introduces New Family of Wall Switch Occupancy SensorsWatt Stopper/Legrand has introduced a new family of wall switch occupancy sensors appropriate for more applications than ever before. Multiple detection technologies allow specifiers to easily tailor switch selection to ensure optimal performance in each location. The sensors are an economical wall switch replacement and can even be used in some difficult-to-sense spaces that are ideally suited to ceiling sensors, but, because of inaccessibility, cannot be fitted with those devices.

The sensor family includes an unprecedented variety of features and options as well as a stylish new product design with a consistent look and feel across the line. Every sensor is packaged in an attractive, ultra-slim decorator style device, available in five colors. To complete the updated aesthetics, the low profile sensor lenses match the color of each switch, a design nuance unique to Watt Stopper/Legrand.

Employing passive infrared, ultrasonic or Watt Stopper/Legrand’s own patented dual technology sensing, the wall switches are recommended for use in spaces including offices, conference rooms, restrooms, break rooms and storage rooms. In addition to the range of sensing options, line and low voltage switches are available to accommodate different wiring needs as well as dual relay switches to control separate loads.

Each switch is packed with a host of technological innovations designed to help engineers and building owners comply with energy codes and save energy. Additional features and control options include SmartSet™ technology, walk-through mode, auto- or manual-ON operating mode, test and presentation modes, audible alert, and light level sensing. Installation and set-up are quick and easy and zero crossing circuitry assures long product life.

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