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Universal Lighting Technologies Offers Full Range of Dimming Solutions

Universal Lighting Technologies has assembled a comprehensive family of dimmable ballasts that span the full range of dimming needs—office, commercial, and industrial.

“The future of dimming keeps getting brighter,” says Joe Damiani, senior vice president of sales for ULT. “The technology is racing forward at an amazing speed,” he explains. “It saves money, it saves electricity, and it provides the user with a stunning range of versatility.”

Dimming is all about control. Variable lighting allows the user to adjust the lighting arrangement—manually or automatically—based on the situation or time of day. This level of individual control actually increases energy efficiency. Energy savings compared to standard fluorescent ballasts can be as high as 30%.

Universal offers a wide range of cost-effective ballasts with digital dimming, light-level switching, and analog 0–10-volt dimming capabilities. These include the DaliPro™, AddressPro®, Ballastar®, and SuperDim®, and ballast families.

The latest in light-level switching (step-dimming) ballasts is the new Ballastar T5. With a single control lead, it can switch from full output to 50% power with a standard wall switch or lighting relay. No special controls are required. With microprocessor technology, the new Ballastar T5 is ideal for the office, classroom, conference room, and similar applications where new regulations require controllable lighting. Ballastar ballasts also feature Programmed Rapid Start (PRS) technology for long lamp life, universal input voltage (120–277 volts), and end-of-lamp-life shutdown circuitry with auto reset.

Analog 0–10-volt dimming technology is ideal for single-zone applications where all lamps are dimmed to the same level simultaneously. SuperDim ballasts are also great for foyers and offices that employ daylight harvesting techniques with photocells. They are designed for T8, T5, and T5 High Output (HO) linear fluorescent lamps, as well as T4 4-pin quad and triple compact fluorescent lamps. SuperDim T8 ballasts can dim to 3%, while T5 and T5HO ballasts will dim to 1%.

SuperDim ballasts offer PRS technology, end-of-lamp-life shutdown circuits, low-profile designs, and less than 10% total harmonic distortion (THD). They are compatible with a wide variety of popular controls and photocells. When daylight provides adequate light levels, photocells allow the ballasts to dim automatically and save energy. The e nergy savings make it easy to adhere to the strictest requirements, including California Title 24 and ASHRAE 90.1.

The AddressPro digital dimming system enables multiple light sources (fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, etc.) to function on the same control circuit. The system can control up to 250 ballasts in up to 12 zones with 12 scenes—all on a single low-voltage communication loop.

Setup and programming are done with a simple handheld remote or wall controller. Changes can be made at any time without opening a single fixture or touching a single wire. This innovative technology is perfect for applications requiring sophisticated dimming, such as conference rooms, hotel lobbies, restaurants, classrooms, and more.

AddressPro provides architectural dimming levels: to 1% for T5 and T5HO lamps and to 3% for compact fluorescent and T8 lamps. These ballasts feature universal input voltages, PRS technology, end-of-lamp-life shutdown circuits, low profile designs, and less than 10% THD.

The DaliPro digital dimming system takes advantage of Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) IEC protocol for greater flexibility and savings. DALI is the new industry standard for digital communications between ballasts and control systems. With DaliPro, up to 64 ballasts can be controlled in a variety of up to 16 lighting groups.

The DaliPro product line includes ballasts for T8, T5HO, and compact fluorescent lamps. These can be controlled individually, in groups, by room, or by area—providing maximum flexibility. Wall stations and other controls from an expanding DALI controls industry make initial programming and daily operation of DaliPro ballasts simple and convenient. DaliPro ballasts can even communicate lamp and ballast status back to a central network or computer, creating new opportunities to save energy and reduce maintenance costs. DaliPro ballasts dim to 1% for linear lamps and to 3% for CFL lamps. DaliPro features PRS technology to maintain lamp life in frequent starting conditions, plus universal input voltage and simple plug-in wire connectors.

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