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Universal Lighting Technologies’ New LevelPRO Step-Dimming Ballast Offers Parallel Lamp Operation And Energy Savings

Universal Lighting Technologies brings parallel lamp operation to step-dimming applications with the new LevelPRO family of high-efficiency ballasts.

Flip one switch to cut power to lighting fixtures by 50 percent; flip another to cut the lights off entirely. And the entire lighting fixture remains evenly illuminated whether at full or half power.

Ideal for classrooms, offices, and all spaces requiring compliance with energy codes for lighting control, the new LevelPRO ballast is available in either universal voltage (120-277 VAC) or 347 VAC input. Two new models are available. One drives T8 lamps at high ballast factor, and the other drives both T8 and T5 lamps at normal ballast factor. Both have extensive secondary application lists, including energy-saving lamps and single-lamp applications. These ballasts also feature ultra fast start times (<700 milliseconds), and they make it easy to comply with the strictest energy codes. LevelPRO is CEE listed and qualifies for the NEMA Premium Electronic Ballast Program as one of the most energy-efficient T8 fluorescent ballasts on the market today. And parallel lamp operation helps minimize maintenance costs throughout the life of the ballast.

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