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Universal Lighting Technologies Launches “E-Tensity” Electronic HID Ballast

Universal Lighting Technologies Launches E-Tensity Electronic HID BallastUniversal Lighting Technologies offers the ultimate in energy savings and HID lamp performance with E-Tensity™ electronic HID ballasts. The E-Tensity family of ballasts offers dramatic improvements over traditional magnetic HID lighting for a variety of HID lighting lamp applications ranging from the 20-watt ceramic lamps up to the 400-watt pulse start lamps.

Electronic HID lighting is a revolutionary step forward. Lamps operated with E-Tensity ballasts from Universal maintain at least 86% percent of their original lumens over the same time period that a standard HID system will be at 64% of its initial lumens. This improved lamp lumen maintenance allows for fewer fixtures to maintain designed light levels and extends the effective life of the lamp, reducing lamp replacement costs. And with electronic operation, E-Tensity provides for the most energy efficient technology for operating HID lamps.

E-Tensity is also available with SuperDim technology that is compatible with industry standard 0–10-volt dimming controls. Combining dimming E-Tensity ballasts with photocells allows for substantial energy savings in applications where daylight is present and can be utilized. Control with occupancy sensors for bi-level switching in warehousing applications is another energy saving technique utilizing E-Tensity with SuperDim.

E-Tensity electronic HID ballasts are a perfect fit for high-ceiling retail environments, warehousing, industrial facilities and other similar high bay applications. With a sound rating of “A”, the E-Tensity is ideal for applications where standard HID ballasts were too noisy to be considered.

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