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Universal Lighting Technologies Introduces Relay-Sensing Module Controller for DCL® Lighting Systems

Universal Lighting Technologies DCL Control SystemDCL® Control Systems have reached a whole new level of versatility with the introduction of the RSMDCL Controller from Universal Lighting Technologies. The RSMDCL Relay Sensing Module Controller allows DCL Control Systems to interface with external controls such as building automation systems, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), or any control system that can provide commands with low-voltage contact closures.

DCL Control Systems have the capability to control lighting power ranging from 100% to 50% without the need to install expensive control wiring. All communication takes place at the circuit level, making DCL ideal for new construction or retrofit projects. The new RSMDCL Controller connects to DCL Circuit Controllers that send commands down the lighting circuits to DEMANDflex™ ballasts. Commands from the RSMDCL are initiated by external controls such as building automation systems, PLCs, or even time clocks. The RSMDCL Controller interfaces with these systems via a low-voltage contact closure.

The RSMDCL is configurable to broadcast seven unique power level commands or to recall seven pre-programmed scenes. A single RSMDCL can control up to 63 circuits. In this way, RSMDCL technology is perfect for joining a demand response program, where two externally controlled contacts can indicate moderate and critical demand response events where different power levels or scenes can be activated for each event.

DCL is designed to work with DEMANDflex ballasts from Universal Lighting Technologies. These ballasts can be “tuned” during installation to the appropriate power level (ballast factor) in order to ensure just the right amount of light for the application and avoid the common problem of wasting energy on unnecessarily bright lights. This capability, along with its high-efficiency operation at any power level, allows DEMANDflex ballasts to save energy and money with or without a DCL Control System. When working together, DCL Control Systems with DEMANDflex ballasts represent the most versatile and cost-effective energy management lighting system in the lighting industry today.

The DCL Control System can be installed at the same time as the DEMANDflex ballasts or at a later date.

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