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Universal Lighting Technologies Introduces Ballastar T5 Light Level Switching

Universal Lighting Technologies Introduces Ballastar T5 Light Level SwitchingUniversal Lighting Technologies announces the latest in light level switching ballasts with the release of their new Ballastar T5 (B228PUNVS50-D) ballast for T5 lamps. A single control lead allows for the user to switch from full light output down to 50 percent power level with a standard wall switch or lighting relay. With today’s new requirements for lighting controls, Ballastar light level switching products make it easy to implement controllable lighting solutions without special controls.

The B228PUNVS50-D incorporates microprocessor technology that programs and stores the switched light levels within the ballast during production. This new technology will easily allow for specified and customizable lighting levels based upon a particular lighting designer’s specifications. The new Ballastar light level switching ballast also features programmed start technology for long lamp life, universal input voltage (120 to 277 volts), and end-of-lamp life shutdown circuitry with auto re-set that is necessary for use with T5 diameter lamps.

The Ballastar light level switching ballast is ideal for an office, a classroom, a conference room, and other applications where the need to switch light levels is required or desired. With new regulations requiring the ability to control lighting levels, light level switching accomplishes this by keeping all the lamps on but at reduced light levels, eliminating fixture dark spots and uneven lighting.

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