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Universal Lighting Technologies Expands DEMANDflex™ Family of High-Efficiency T5 and T8 Ballasts

Universal Lighting Technologies DCL Control SystemUniversal Lighting Technologies is expanding its DEMANDflex™ family of high-efficiency T5 and T8 ballasts. The latest addition is the B228PUNVDRH-D, which is designed to operate two F14, F21, F28, or F35 T5 lamps with an input voltage range of 120 to 277 volts.

DEMANDflex ballasts can be “tuned” by the installer to the appropriate power level (ballast factor) in order to ensure just the right amount of light for the application. This saves energy by avoiding the common problem of over-lighting. A commissioning tool is used to tune the power level of an individual ballast or whole circuit of ballasts from 100% down to 35% with 1% increments (ballast factor range of 1.15 to .28) according to needs of the end user. Once the commissioning tool is removed, the ballast remains fixed at that power level.

For maximum energy savings, DEMANDflex ballasts are designed to work with DCL® Control Systems from Universal Lighting Technologies. Only DCL® with DEMANDflex lighting ballasts can control lighting power levels anywhere from full power to 50% (or lower depending on the specific ballast) without the need to install expensive control wiring. Control takes place on the circuit level, so DCL is ideal for retrofit or new construction. There are a variety of system control options, which include computer control, time clocks, photo sensors, or integration with existing building automations systems. Scheduling, peak load shedding, and daylight harvesting are just some of the energy-saving strategies that can be implemented with DCL controls.

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