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SYLVANIA QUICKTRONIC® POWERSENSE™ T5 Dimming Ballast Provides Energy-Efficient System Solution

SYLVANIA QUICKTRONIC® POWERSENSE™ T5 Dimming Ballast Provides Energy-Efficient System SolutionThe SYLVANIA QUICKTRONIC® POWERSENSE™ T5 dimming ballast provides controllable lighting and high-efficiency performance. POWERSENSE, with its micro-controller technology, is the industry’s most versatile dimming ballast, operating linear fluorescent T5 lamps over a wide (100-1 percent) dimming range.

Compatible with low voltage controls, power line dimmers and any line voltage from 120V to 277V, QUICKTRONIC POWERSENSE ballasts can really simplify the specification, purchasing and installation process.

The patented lamp detection technology of the POWERSENSE ballasts continually monitors the lamps and wiring connections to deliver unmatched system performance. Variations in brightness from lamp to lamp are virtually eliminated, providing uniform lighting throughout the dimming process. At light levels greater than 75 percent, unnecessary lamp-coil power is turned off; delivering energy efficiencies comparable to non-dimming instant start electronic ballasts.

The same lamp detection technology facilitates installation and troubleshooting, by recognizing failed lamps, faulty wiring, and loose connections. By shutting down the system automatically upon detecting a problem, it guards against issues that could cause irreparable damage to the lamp and ballast. Upon correction of fault conditions, the system restarts automatically without the need to cycle the main power.

For advanced lighting control systems, such as daylight harvesting or building automation applications, standard low-voltage devices can be used to control the lighting system. Depending upon the specific application, energy savings of up to 60 percent compared to fixed output electronic systems can be achieved.

Operating on standard low voltage (0-10VDC) fluorescent controllers or compatible 2-wire power line fluorescent dimmers, the QUICKTRONIC POWERSENSE ballast is ideal for individual office lighting or automated whole building applications, both in new construction and retrofit projects.

QUICKTRONIC POWERSENSE is covered by the SYLVANIA QUICK 60+® warranty, the first and most comprehensive lamp and ballast system warranty in the industry.

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