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SYLVANIA Presents the QUICKTRONIC POWERSENSE T8 Dimming BallastThe SYLVANIA QUICKTRONIC ® POWERSENSE™ T8 Dimming ballast is the only ballast in the market that works on low-voltage (0-10VDC) or power-line dimming controls. By combining control technologies in a single product, POWERSENSE can be installed on any line voltage and with any standard fluorescent dimming control, making the ballast ideal for individual office lighting or automated building applications, both in new construction and retrofit projects.

The QUICKTRONIC POWERSENSE ballasts operate today’s linear fluorescent T8 lamps over a 100 – 5% dimming range, provide true versatility in controls selection and feature micro-controller technology to offer the industry’s most adaptable dimming ballast. Compatibility with low-voltage controls, power-line dimmers, any line voltage from 120V to 277V and OCTRON lamps from 17W to 32W, provides the flexibility to simplify the specification, purchasing and installation process.

The QUICKTRONIC POWERSENSE T8 dimming ballast is ideal for use in school auditoriums and classrooms, conference rooms and even private offices. For the individual office or conference room, installation can be streamlined by using a 2-wire power-line dimmer; eliminating the need for additional control wires.

For more advanced systems, such as daylight harvesting or building automation applications, standard low-voltage devices are used to control the lighting system. Depending on the specific application, energy savings of up to 60 percent, as compared to fixed output T8 electronic systems, can be realized.

All QUICKTRONIC POWERSENSE models include a line voltage protection circuit, which protects the ballast in the event that line voltage is inadvertently applied to the low-voltage control inputs.

QUICKTRONIC POWERSENSE is covered by the SYLVANIA QUICK 60+ ® warranty, the first and most comprehensive lamp and ballast system warranty in the industry.

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