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Switching System from Lutron Electronics Streamlines Installation and Reduces Costs

Switching System from Lutron Electronics Streamlines Installation and Reduces CostsSeeking to simplify installations and reduce total switching system cost, Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. has introduced SoftSwitch128™–an affordable switching system that combines Lutron’s proven SoftSwitch™ technology with a new SoftSwitch Controller.

Providing a single-panel solution ideal for small to medium switching applications, SoftSwitch128 also integrates an astronomic timeclock (ATC) for easy facility automation and allows digital control for up to 128 circuits and 32 wallstations. SoftSwitch reduces wiring by incorporating daisy-chained, networked wallstations and programmable contact closure inputs for occupant and photosensor integration.

The SoftSwitch Controller located in the SoftSwtich128 panel is used to configure and operate the entire Softswitch128 system. It features an LCD user interface to facilitate programming of both the system itself and ATC parameters. The integrated ATC automates up to 500 user-defined events that can be triggered by time of day or by a time offset from either sunrise or sunset.

Available for 100-127V, 277V and 347V applications, Softswitch128 panels feature switching circuits that are rated for any light source or motor and incorporate Lutron’s patented SoftSwitch technology for unsurpassed reliability. SoftSwitch technology has been proven to extend the life of switching relays to over one million cycles regardless of inrush, varying load and source types, and the other factors that have traditionally contributed to switching relay failure.

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