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Square D® Powerlink® Lighting Control Panelboards With BACnet Protocol Make Integration with Building Automation Systems Easy

Square D® Powerlink® Lighting Control Panelboards With BACnet Protocol Make Integration with Building Automation Systems EasyA Square D® Powerlink® whole-building lighting control system can now be seamlessly integrated into a commercial building automation system with the incorporation of the Building Automation and Control network (BACnet®) communication protocol into Powerlink intelligent lighting control panelboards. Incorporation of BACnet into Square D Powerlink panelboards significantly reduces the cost and challenges normally associated with incorporating a lighting control system into a comprehensive building automation platform. At the same time, it makes it easier for a building owner or facility manager to access information about all of a building’s systems, including lighting, in order to maximize both energy and cost savings.

“BACnet has rapidly become the de facto standard among the various building automation system communication protocols,” said Scott Jordan, Square D product marketing manager. “Schneider Electric delivers solutions that reduce overall energy costs and make life simpler for customers, which was the impetus for incorporating the BACnet protocol into Square D Powerlink panelboards. By including BACnet as an integral feature of our Powerlink offering, we can provide system designers with a ready-to-apply solution that has been thoroughly tested to assure compatibility.”

Jordan said BACnet-enabled Square D Powerlink controllers can be integrated into a BACnet building automation system in two ways:

Ethernet (BACnet/IP): Square D Powerlink controllers are connected directly to a facility’s local area network (LAN) using a standard 10BASET Ethernet connection, allowing the building automation system’s front-end software to communicate directly with each controller, in order to monitor lighting status or perform user-initiated overrides. Such installations generally have lower installation and lifecycle costs, along with the ability to directly view the status of panelboards in real time. Configuration using a standard Web browser makes integration seamless and time-efficient.

RS-485 (MS/TP): Square D Powerlink controllers are connected to a building automation system controller via an RS-485 network. Many building automation system controllers only support RS-485 communications; the Powerlink panelboard also can communicate with these devices.

Both Ethernet and RS-485 capabilities are available on Square D Powerlink NF2000G3 software-enabled and NF3000G3 web-enabled controllers, which are now being shipped with the integral BACnet protocol. Downloadable firmware upgrades also are available at no charge for existing NF2000G3 and NF3000G3 controllers.

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