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Square D® Clipsal® Mark II Touch Screen Designed for Versatility in Residential, Commercial Applications

Square D® Clipsal® Mark II Touch Screen Designed for Versatility in Residential, Commercial ApplicationsThe new monochrome Square D® Clipsal® Mark II Touch Screen from Schneider Electric delivers substantial capabilities in a compact package for residential and commercial applications. The unit holds enough memory to store up to 100 screens, which can facilitate multipoint switching and dimming, master on/off switching, schedules and scenes with multiple loads, while Square D Clipsal C-Bus® logic capability allows simultaneous operation of third-party devices, such as shades and projection screens in addition to lighting control. A USB programming port beneath the front fascia means programming can occur without removing the unit from the wall, and a separate RS-232 port on the rear facilitates third-party device integration.

“The Mark II Touch Screen is versatile enough to provide a simple, centralized interface for an entire home automation network, or ideal control in commercial applications, particularly when integrated within a Square D Powerlink® whole-building lighting control system,” said Scott Jordan, Square D lighting control product manager. “Now with increased logic capabilities that allow automation of lighting and third-party devices, along with ease of programming, the Mark II Touch Screen is a robust device with benefits both end users and installers will immediately appreciate.”

The Mark II Touch Screen has a larger screen compared with previous models to allow for either more or larger graphical buttons, along with enhanced contrast and superior backlighting, providing more functionality and visibility for end users. Display and controls can be configured with symbols, images, clocks, time and text in multiple languages, while area plans and other scenes can be graphically depicted.

An astronomical clock adjusts time automatically and enables schedules for lighting and other tasks. Installers can easily configure variable dimming fade rates according to load or lighting zone. Another plus is a locator option that can be configured to help users find the Mark II Touch Screen in dim lighting conditions.

The Mark II Touch Screen is available in three fascia styles — Neo™, Saturn™ and stainless steel — to more easily integrate into commercial or residential interior design schemes and match current keypad offerings. Neo keypads are available in white, black, slate and brushed aluminum, while Saturn keypads are available in white, black, cream and mocha. This design versatility complements the fact that the Mark II Touch Screen is compatible with all Square D Clipsal devices and the Square D Powerlink whole-building lighting control system.

The clean-lined, low-profile touch screen can be wall-mounted without external fittings. Further convenience is provided through a standard built-in receiver that allows operation with an included hand-held remote control. A desktop model will be available August 2008 for applications when wall space is limited.

The Square D Clipsal Mark II Touch Screen was recently honored as an Electronic House Product of the Year for 2008 by EH Publishing, Inc. The Mark II Touch Screen was selected based on reviews that ran throughout the year in EH Publishing publications dedicated to the electronic house, along with product demos and feedback from installers and end users.

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