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Square D® Clipsal® DALI Gateway Controls DALI Ballasts from Building’s Lighting Control Network

Square D® Clipsal® DALI Gateway Controls DALI Ballasts from Building's Lighting Control NetworkThe Square D® Clipsal® two-channel Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) Gateway increases convenience and energy savings for commercial building owners and management by facilitating the ability to control DALI ballasts via a building’s lighting control network. DALI ballasts provide an effective alternative to other means of dimming fluorescent lighting due to its ability to provide individual control, maintain uniform lighting levels and dim lighting levels to as low as 1 percent.

“Reducing energy costs is top of mind for owners and managers of commercial buildings, and the Square D Clipsal DALI Gateway can help by dimming lighting levels during peak demand periods or when a room is not in use,” said Scott Jordan, Product Marketing Manager. “The DALI Gateway extends Schneider Electric’s proven energy management solutions down to the individual DALI ballast. It works seamlessly with Square D Powerlink® lighting control panels, in addition to other Schneider Electric products.”

The Square D Clipsal DALI Gateway provides an isolated two-way communications path between a building’s lighting control system and DALI ballasts. It is compatible with all Square D Clipsal keypads, touch screens and occupancy sensors, along with the Square D Powerlink NF3000G3C Web-enabled lighting control module, and features standard RJ-45 lighting control network connectors. LEDs show the status of data transmissions, the unit’s power and other information.

The DALI Gateway is light and compact, measuring 3.4 x 2.8 x 2.6 inches and weighing 46 ounces, and features a DIN format for convenient mounting in control cabinets. The unit’s non-volatile memory stores operating status for seamless recovery after a power outage.

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