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Sensor Switch’s nLIGHT® Cost-Effectively Integrates Occupancy-based, Daylight-based, Time-based and Manual Lighting Control

SensorSwitch's nLIGHT® Cost-Effectively Integrates Occupancy-based, Daylight-based, Time-based and Manual Lighting ControlSensor Switch has announced that its revolutionary nLight® Control System has been released and is available for immediate installation. nLight is the first lighting control system to cost-effectively integrate Occupancy-based, Daylight-based, Time-based, and Manual control methods. Requiring no centrally hardwired equipment, nLight provides facility managers with the ability to deliver increased energy savings and occupant convenience via one system, all while lowering equipment and installation costs, to provide a quick return on investment.

nLight works by establishing a communication network between intelligent lighting control devices, including occupancy sensors, power packs, photocells, wall switches, and dimmers. This creates a system with distributed intelligence, meaning that all lighting control decisions, as well as all switching and dimming actions, are carried out by the devices within each individual lighting zone. This system feature eliminates the need for centrally hardwired equipment and enables zones to self-commission and function independently, if necessary. It also enables nLight to provide global control of the building’s lighting system via nLight’s web-based lighting management software called SensorView. SensorView allows every device setting and operational mode to be configured and scheduled according to a user’s preferences, resulting in highly customized lighting control schemes. Further, every nLight device can be remotely upgraded when new features become available.

Architects and contractors will appreciate the simple installation, flexible architecture, lower equipment cost and ease of maintenance, according to Mike Horton of Architectural Lighting Associates Inc., who commented, “The nLight system is unlike anything we’ve ever installed before. It was extremely simple to install, and offers the capabilities of a much larger, more traditional centralized dimming and switching system, at a far lower cost.” nLight leaves end users ultimately more satisfied with their lighting systems, as both occupant convenience and energy savings are delivered without compromise. Additionally the system’s backbone can utilize Zigbee® wireless mesh networking technology that further simplifies system installation.

According to Sensor Switch President Brian Platner, the introduction of nLight reflects the company’s continuing commitment to innovation in the lighting control industry. “The nLight system enhances traditional lighting control strategies by eliminating redundant hardware, single points of failure, and the need to layer different systems and devices to achieve both time-based and sensor-based lighting control. nLight is simply a smarter system that provides greater system control while still being more cost-effective than alternative solutions.

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