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Sensor Switch Introduces the Refrigerator Aisle Sensor Kit

Sensor Switch has announced the introduction of its Refrigerator Aisle Occupancy Sensor Kit (model # RA-KIT), which utilizes a specialized occupancy sensor to increase energy efficiency in refrigerator/freezer units used in retail environments. The Refrigerator Aisle Kit contains everything required for both detecting occupants within an aisle of commercial-style refrigerator/freezer cases and controlling the cases’ internal LED lighting.

The RA-KIT possesses several features distinctly engineered for the retail freezer aisle application. The sensor’s unique, but unobtrusive, design utilizes a removable mounting plate, enabling simple installation, and RJ-45 style connections that make wiring clean and easy. The sensor also employs Passive Infrared (PIR) technology to detect motion from occupants within its specialized view pattern. Additionally, to assist with scheduling relamping, the sensor has a built-in lamp runtime counter and switch counter, both of which can be read out via the unit’s LED.

According to Sensor Switch President Brian Platner, the RA-KIT represents a significant opportunity for retailers to increase energy efficiency, reduce costs, and demonstrate concern for the environment without compromising customer convenience. “The RA-KIT was designed to meet the specific needs of retailers who depend on refrigeration to sell products, and are looking for ways to increase energy efficiency without negatively impacting their customers’ shopping experience,” says Platner. “Our custom-designed sensor lens enables detection of customers as they advance down an aisle in time to turn on the lights inside the refrigerator. This saves energy by keeping lighting off during quiet periods.”

Click here for more information on the Refrigerator Aisle Kit (RA-KIT) from Sensor Switch.

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