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Sensor Switch Adds Scene Controller to nLight Control System

Sensor Switch has added a WallPod Scene Controller to its nLight Control System. The Scene Controller is a single gang, low voltage device that provides a convenient method of selecting one of four custom lighting control scenes for a room. Unlike most scene controllers that adjust only on/off and dim settings, the scenes run by the nLight WallPod Scene Controller can contain any of a multitude of settings available for the nLight devices within its zone.

For example, besides adjusting the dim level of a room, an nLight scene could also adjust the room’s occupancy sensor time delays, change the photocell set-point, and/or disable all sensor indicator LEDs. In addition to initiating a local scene to be run, any of the WallPod Scene Controller’s buttons can be programmed to function as an on/off switch, activate a remote global profile, or signal an occupancy time delay sweep.

nLight is the first lighting control system to cost-effectively integrate occupancy-based, daylight-based, time-based, and manual control methods. With nLight, facility managers install one comprehensive system without the limitations of centrally hardwired equipment. Compared to traditional control systems, nLight delivers increased energy savings and occupant convenience with lower equipment and installation costs, providing a quick return on investment.

Click here for more information on the WallPod Scene Controller from Sensor Switch.

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