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Schneider Electric Introduces Architectural Dimming Systems for Increased Lighting Control and Customizability

Schneider Electric recently announced the availability of two new Architectural Dimming Systems, expanding the company’s portfolio of commercial lighting control solutions and providing users the ability to control an area with sophisticated, customizable, and precise lighting settings while also driving energy efficient, cost-effective and compliant operations.

Schneider Electric’s Architectural Dimming System is available in two styles. The wall mount system, which is ideal for small to mid-sized commercial spaces such as restaurants, schools and houses of worship, and the rack mount system, which can be used for larger applications such as convention centers and large hotels. Each system uses inTouch master and control stations. inTouch stations have a sleek and modern design that uses capacitive touch rather than buttons or sliders to improve reliability and resist degradation. The inTouch station presets allow for customizable user control, easily recalling specific lighting scenes at the touch of a button.

A space-conscious design offers up to 30 channels of dimming on the wall mount solution and 120 channels on the rack mount. This provides greater degrees of flexibility and scalability, and eliminates the need for additional racks to accommodate numerous dimming channels.

The rack and wall mount Architectural Dimming Systems save users energy by cutting power at the load, rather than fixture, level when in power-off mode. These systems can also tie into other energy saving lighting control solutions, such as daylight harvesting systems, relay panels, occupancy controllers, and occupancy sensors, providing an end-to-end lighting control solution for all retrofit and new construction projects. With Schneider Electric’s Architectural Dimming Systems, users are able to meet code compliance and energy efficiency mandates in a cost-effective way without sacrificing design and functionality.

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