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QUICKTRONIC High Efficiency POWERSENSE electronic ballasts by OSRAM SYLVANIA offer a wide dimming range and provide true versatility in controls selection. As the industry’s most adaptable dimming ballast, these feature micro-controller technology for compatibility with: low voltage controls, powerline fluorescent dimmers and any line voltage from 120V to 277V.

These high efficiency dimming systems are available for T5, T5HO, and T8 linear fluorescent lamps and offer 0-10V continuous dimming; 100% – 1% for T5 and T5HO and 100% – 5% for T8. All POWERSENSE ballasts have lamp detection technology to eliminate variations in lamp-to-lamp brightness and provide uniform lighting throughout the dimming range. The T8 ballast has 1 – 4 lamp options whereas the T5 and T5HO ballast has 1 and 2 lamp options.

• Dimming Range – 100% – 5% (T8), 100% – 1% (T5 and T5HO)
• High Efficacy – up to 101 LPW (T8), up to 93 LPW (T5), up to 90 LPW (T5HO)
• Power Factor >98%

Ideal applications include fluorescent troffers, indirect/direct pendants, cove and architectural lighting for commercial, retail, hospitality, education in new construction or retrofit.

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