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Power Metering Integrated with Lighting Controls—Standard with Cooper Controls

Cooper Controls is the first lighting controls manufacturer to provide integrated power metering as a standard feature in its iLumin line of architectural dimming panels and the Greengate ControlKeeper series of energy management relay panels. Like the iLumin source controllers, the ControlKeeper panels perform true circuit level power metering via voltage, current and frequency measurement circuitry that is integral to their design.

Cooper Controls

This method differs greatly from the power monitoring approach used by other systems, where power consumption is calculated rather than measured. iLumin and Greengate present a cost-effective, efficient, compact, and easily specified answer to meeting energy codes and achieving LEED certification. Integrated power metering capability is a feature that is exclusive to Cooper Controls products.

Energy metering data is processed internally by the iLumin and Greengate panels and can be sent to other Building Management Systems for analysis.

Cooper Controls also provides the Venergy energy monitoring and analysis solution. This web based tool gathers data in real- time from iLumin and Greengate panels. Energy consumption, cost and carbon footprint can be tracked and analyzed to any degree of granularity, from an entire campus to the individual circuit, thanks to the circuit level power metering capabilities of the Cooper control. Venergy can also meter other critical systems such as gas, water and HVAC.

Cooper Controls

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