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Power Base from Leviton Offers Easy Solution for Lighting Energy Management in Installation Environments with Limited Access to Wiring

Power Base from Leviton Offers Easy Solution for Lighting Energy Management in Installation Environments with Limited Access to WiringLeviton’s industry-leading OPB15 Power Base Adaptor conveniently converts any Leviton low-voltage ceiling-mount occupancy sensor into a self-contained line-voltage unit with a 15 Amp, 120/277V load capacity. The Power Base is ideally suited to occupancy sensor installations in existing facilities where hard concrete or wooden ceilings limit access to wiring and in new construction where only line-voltage circuitry is available. By adapting low-voltage ceiling-mount occupancy sensors so that they are capable of operating on line-voltage electrical systems, the device enables lighting energy conservation in application environments where installation is complex, costly and time-consuming.

The OPB15 combines a self-contained mounting base and power pack that instantly converts low-voltage to line-voltage with an exclusive, patent-pending technology. Offering the same load switching circuitry and performance features as Leviton’s OSP series of Power Packs, the unit streamlines installation of ceiling-mount occupancy sensors in cumbersome application environments. The OPB15 Power Base Adaptor mounts directly in a standard 2.125” deep x 4” octagon or 2.125” deep x 4” square electrical box and the sensor unit in turn mounts directly to it. The unit’s flying leads facilitate quick connection to a line voltage circuit, offering instant operation once the connection is made.

By allowing contractors and distributors to use Leviton’s full line of low-voltage sensors where only line voltage circuitry is available, the power base effectively doubles inventory with a single part number, providing options for both low-voltage and line voltage occupancy sensor installations. The unit is ideal for retrofits or new construction.

Leviton’s complete line of commercial occupancy sensors offers a cost-effective, flexible solution for lighting energy management in a wide range of commercial application environments. Leviton commercial occupancy sensors are ideal in many application environments and are especially suited to installations in lavatories, basements, storerooms, and hallways, where lights are apt to be left on for extended periods of time while a room or area is unoccupied. With today’s soaring energy costs, Leviton’s commercial line of occupancy sensors provide substantial energy savings that go directly to a company’s bottom line.

Like Leviton’s OSP series power packs, the OPB15 power base provides a durable 15A, zero cross relay with 24VDC supply. It is UL, cUL, and CEC Title-24 listed.

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