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PLC Multipoint Unveils Nebula for Energy-Saving Dimming in Classrooms

PLC MultipointPLC Multipoint has introduced Nebula, an energy-saving dimming solution for classrooms. Key to this solution is the use of Satellites, which enable control scenarios to be replicated easily throughout multiple classrooms. Utilizing Panasonic’s Full-2Way bus architecture, the Satellites are connected via 2 polarity-neutral wires. This makes the installation very simple, while also providing network control and information sharing throughout the building.

Fluorescent dimming is one of the modules available in the Nebula. With this module, daylight harvesting can be automatically controlled with an integrated Ceiling Daylight Sensor from Panasonic, as well as any of the photo sensors from PLCSensors. The dimming module can also be controlled manually using the continuous step mode or with as many as eight presets available within the Nebula Controller. The occupant can also override these presets with a wireless hand-held device.

Contact PLC Multipoint for more information.

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