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PLC-Multipoint Launches The Bantam Control System

PLCBuildings, a division of PLC Multipoint, has announced availability of The Bantam, an 8-relay, all-in-one lighting control panel. The Bantam comes standard with 8 relays, 8 switch inputs, an astronomical clock and keypad programming. The panel also comes standard with 4 analog photosensor inputs and Micro SD card.

The Bantam is designed specifically for small buildings with up to eight lighting zones, which can be used for interior offices, retail spaces and lobbies as well as exterior parking lots and courtyards. Interior lighting can incorporate after-hours overrides with timed sweeps or with sentry type line-voltage switches. Exterior lighting can use an astronomical clock, dry contact or analog photosensor inputs.

PLC Multipoint has a reputation throughout the industry for producing high-quality photo sensors and solving complex lighting control problems. They’ve utilized this experience in the development of the Bantam, the next generation of off-the-shelf lighting control systems.

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