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Philips Unveils New Outdoor Luminaire-Based Controller for Sustainable City Beautification

At Lightfair International 2010, Philips launched the Dynadimmer 0-10V controller, its newest easy-to-install control offering that increases the effectiveness of energy-efficient LED and electronic HID solutions for exterior lighting applications. This solution, which is suitable for outdoor applications such as parking lots, street lighting and large area installations, allows cities and municipalities to immediately reduce energy consumption and light glare, without sacrificing appropriate light levels.

Unlike comparable control solutions that only offer one lighting level, Dynadimmer allows for user-selection of five dimming levels during five time periods. Preconfigured settings enable high light levels during peak hours in streets and residential areas, and lower light levels, while people are asleep and the roads are quiet, to reduce energy consumption.

The stand-alone, luminaire-based controller can dim any 0-10V electronic driver, according to a user-programmable dimming schedule. Its compact size allows for easy installation within a luminaire or pole without the need for external control components or additional signal wiring.

Light levels and time periods are set with an included easy-to-use software tool, which calculates and displays the savings obtained from the dimming schedule. The PC-based software and programming equipment enables end-users to re-program the times and dimming levels as needed and when they wish.

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