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Philips Programmable Xtreme CosmoPolis eHID Ballast

Philips’ Programmable Xtreme CosmoPolis Ballast is a fully controllable HID ballast for use with Philips high-efficiency CosmoPolis ceramic metal halide lamps. The ballast is programmable via a USB interface from Philips and downloadable software. Two-way communication and monitoring is enabled via the DALI protocol. It’s ideal for wireless mesh network control.

Additionally, the ballast has onboard standalone features that can be programmed for bilevel dimming, scheduled dimming and dimming override. Line-voltage dimming and customizable light levels can be achieved. The ballast also features 208-277V operation, integral 10kV/5kA surge protection and a rated life of 80,000 hours to 10% failures at 80C case temperature.

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