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Philips Offers 0-10V Dimming for 24W and 39W T5HO Lamps

Philips has introduced a 0-10VDC dimming ballast designed to operate 24W and 39W T5HO lamps. Available in 1- and 2-lamp models (IZT124D and IZT2S24D), the new Mark 7 dimming ballasts can operate the 2 or 3 T5HO lamps at 120-277V. With a traditional T5 form factor of 16.7” L x 1.0” H x 1.18” W, the ballasts are easily integrated by OEMs into existing T5HO luminaire designs. In addition, the IntelliVolt input allows integration of just one ballast for 120-277V applications.

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