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Philips Lighting Electronics Introduces New Family of Energy-Saving Essentialine Dimming Ballasts

Philips Essentialine Fluorescent Dimming BallastPhilips Lighting Electronics has introduced a new line of energy-saving EssentiaLine electronic dimming ballasts, a family of products designed to make the benefits of dimming technology more accessible to professional lighting users.

Optimized to accelerate end user payback on a dimming system and lower the total cost of ownership on this investment, EssentiaLine 0-10V ballasts are compatible with daylight sensors or wall dimmers as well as existing fluorescent lamps and 0-10V dimming controls, enabling users to enjoy the key benefits of energy savings and improved light quality in office applications at affordable price points. The ballasts are initially available in 2-lamp T8 models with a 0.88 Ballast Factor and dim lamps from 100% down to 20% power. EssentiaLine ballasts meet all NEMA Premium and CSA energy efficiency requirements. They also represent Philips Lighting Electronics’ first dimming ballasts in the North American market to be fully RoHS-compliant.

Suitable for both new construction and retrofit opportunities, Philips Lighting Electronics’ new family of EssentiaLine electronic dimming ballasts represent a simple and highly affordable approach to lighting control that will enable a broad range of professional users to enjoy the energy savings, high performance, and sustainability associated with fluorescent dimming.

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