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Philips Introduces Revolutionary New ActiLume™ Lighting Control System

Philips Lighting Electronics North America (N.A.) has announced the introduction of its revolutionary new Philips branded ActiLume™ Lighting Control System, an easy-to-use-and-install offering designed to deliver maximum visual comfort as well as energy savings of up to 65% to the commercial sector. Comprised of a Philips controller, state-of-the-art multi-sensor, remote control, and Philips Advance branded ballasts, the high-performing system fully promotes sustainable lighting design while enabling commercial users to enjoy all of the benefits of lighting control without the hassle of complicated commissioning.

ActiLume’s different modes make it ideal for use in small open offices, meeting rooms, and private office configurations and represent a breakthrough in ease of installation and use. In terms of installation, the controller and sensor are located right in the fixture itself. Relative to its ease of use, the simple touch of a service button on the system’s sensor unit serves to commission occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting, allowing users to begin enjoying the powerful benefits of lighting control.

Designed within a low-profile housing (the controller is 7/8” high and the sensor is 5/8” high) for maximum design flexibility in new construction applications, ActiLume can drive up to 9 ballasts per system while controlling up to two zones independently. The incorporation of DALI-compatible ballasts from Philips Advance further maximizes the energy savings potential of the ActiLume system.

High-performing and energy-efficient, Philips’ revolutionary ActiLume system has truly simplified the art of lighting control, enabling commercial users to enjoy the personal comfort and productivity enhancements associated with controllable lighting while fully promoting sustainable design.

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